13 March 2023

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It has been a fantastic weekend for Schumacher's Michal Orlowski at the British Grand Prix in Milton Keynes.

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The race held in the Centre MK shopping complex was a fantastic showcase for our hobby and even better as Michal dominated the event. Michal took TQ and won both 2WD and 4WD with his Schumacher CAT L1R and Cougar LD2 buggies.

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In 2WD we had 4 Cougar LD2's in the A main with Daniel Kobbevik 5th, Broc Champlin 6th and Lee Martin 10th.

2WD Result

10 LEE MARTIN - Cougar LD2

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In 4WD we had 3 new CAT L1R's in the final, Broc just unlucky not to make the podium in 4th, and Daniel 6th. Some fine results in such a packed field.

4WD Result


Congratulations to the whole team on an excellent set of results.

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Set Up's coming soon.

Check out the huge amount of coverage including video's features and pictures at




06 February 2023

Champlin and Orlowski take top honours at round 3 of the EOS in Daun!

This past weekend saw the 2022/23 series finale at Daun in Germany. There was a huge entry for this event, one of the biggest ever for the EOS. This also meant the competition was huge too.
Schumacher's USA star Broc Champlin flew in to make his EOS debut, he soon showed what a class act he is as he dominated proceedings in the 2wd class.
Broc took TQ in all 3 qualifying rounds to line up on pole position for the 3-leg A mains. Second on the grid was Micha Widmaier and third on the grid was Lee Martin.
There was some brilliant close racing in the mains, Broc managed to take the win in legs 1 and 2 so sealed the victory without needing to race in leg 3.

Here are the top 10 positions after all 3 legs of the A finals in 2wd:

1 Broc Champlin - Schumacher
2 Marcus Kaerup
3 Micha Widmaier
4 Alexander Landen
5 Michal Orlowski - Schumacher
6 Lee Martin - Schumacher
7 Martin Bayer
8 Daniel Kobbevik - Schumacher
9 Jorn Neumann
10 Tommy Hall

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Then on to the 4wd action, Michal Orlowski was on form in this class and as Broc did in 2wd previously, Orlowski took TQ in all 3 rounds to line up on pole position for the 3-leg A mains.
Second on the grid was Bartosz Zalewski and third on the grid was Broc Champlin.
Some superb close racing followed in all 3 legs of the finals between most drivers. However Orlowski had things under control out front and took victory in legs 1 and 2,
therefore he was just a spectator for leg 3 having wrapped up the win. Michal and Broc taking a 1-2 and another superb result for the new Schumacher CAT L1R.

Here are the top 10 positions after all 3 legs of the finals in 4wd:

1 Michal Orlowski - Schumacher
2 Broc Champlin - Schumacher

3 Bartosz Zalewski
4 Micha Widmaier
5 Jorn Neumann
6 Marcus Kaerup
7 Tommy Hall
8 Alexander Landen
9 Clement Boda
10 Lee Martin - Schumacher

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As it was the last round of this 3 round EOS series, the championship points were added up and the winners crowned.
The best 2 results from the 3 rounds counted for the championship.

Top 10 positions in the 2wd championship:

1 Michal Orlowski - Schumacher
2 Marcus Kaerup
3 Lee Martin - Schumacher
4 Joona Haatanen
5 Micha Widmaier
6 Jorn Neumann
7 Burak Kilic
8 Tommy Hall
9 Pekko Iivonen - Schumacher
10 Daniel Kobbevik - Schumacher

Top 10 positions in the 4wd championship:

1 Michal Orlowski - Schumacher
2 Marcus Kaerup
3 Micha Widmaier
4 Jorn Neumann
5 Daniel Kobbevik - Schumacher
6 Joona Haatanen
7 Burak Kilic
8 Clement Boda
9 Tommy Hall
10 Lee Martin - Schumacher

Another brilliant performance from Michal Orlowski, doing the double and winning both championships.

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Great job by the rest of the Schumacher team of drivers who attended, it was fantastic to see so many attending this event.

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As always a great job was done by Scotty, Uwe, Toni, and their brilliant organising team.
Also many thanks to William White for the reports, updates and photos from the event on Raceway One.





06 January 2023

The Schumacher Eclipse cars are the current reigning 1/12th scale IFMAR World and EFRA European Champions in both modified and stock classes. 

The New Eclipse 5 features a extensive list of refinements, making it even faster and better handling.


The Eclipse 5 is the ultimate professional LMP12 racing chassis kit. The choice of champions!


NEW - Alloy chassis design with a much shorter overall length.  This allows for reduced chassis scrubbing along with a significant weight reduction from beyond both front and rear axles.  These benefits allow the car to enter a corner more effortlessly and when in the corner, rotation is achieved more freely.  

NEW - Upgraded left and right rear hex wheel clamps to prevent any wheel wobble issues.  Now perfectly true running wheels with our unique single nut rear wheels/solid axle!

NEW - Servo mounting has been improved, resulting in direct mounting for the Sanwa micro range of servos such as the PGS-HR and SRG-HR.  Direct and easy alignment onto the centre of the car.  In doing this the chassis flexibility characteristics have been vastly improved, for performance and strength, by removing the large, off centre transverse slots previously used.  All other brands of servo still can be used with the ultra-lightweight floating servo mount, included.

NEW - Lightweight and flexible 3D printed rubber bumper, offering perfect body shell protection.  Compared to the previous foam bumper, it is also very durable and long lasting.

NEW - Black aluminium steering turnbuckles now included.  Stealth and lighter weight. 

NEW - Updated top decks design, further reducing the polar moment of inertia.  They now secure at the front within the wheelbase.


NEW - The front lower beam has been improved, mounting in line with the front axle, and further reducing this forward weight, allowing for the reduced chassis length.  The new beam makes use of super easy, slide in, speed secret ride height spacers. 0.5mm U7920 and 0.75mm U7921.
NEW - Independent and lightweight front bumper mount makes front end assembly far easier.  The front bumper can now be removed with only 2 screws.
NEW - Moulded lighter weight front hub carrier design with much improved suspension action and damping characteristics.  Un-sprung mass has also been reduced.
NEW - Tweak free and easy LiPo mounting using new lighter weight O-ring fixing.
NEW - Interchangeable front LiPo position stops with 4 equally spaced settings included. 


NEW - Optional 1.0° camber strap option available.  1.5° camber is included in the kit for maximum steering and lap time in most conditions.
NEW - Pod offset has been refined to achieve the perfect pod balance with a wider range of modern motors.
NEW - Lightweight pod carbon parts for lower centre of gravity and overall car weight.
NEW - Underside Variable Chassis chamfers, offering improved ground clearance, smoother scrubbing and better clearance to curbs or other corner markers.  


Not forgetting all the usual features that have made the Eclipse IFMAR World and EFRA European Champion.

- Range of optional colour coded front springs.
- Big Bore side and centre dampers offering long lasting damping. They also give great damping oil retention (less frequent maintenance required) and a compact and central design. Damper geometry changes have improved damping characteristics.
- Lightweight pod assembly for smoother, more predictable drivability and bump handling.  Strengthened for tweak prevention. 
- Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts.
- Rear ride height adjusters, easier adjustment and 0.25mm height increments.
- Front beam socket using O-ring fixing system.
- Thread insert design making work on the car much quicker and simpler.
- Easy body shell height adjustment.
- Extra low rear roll centre pivot height for awesome rear traction.
- Centre pivot design for easy build and maintenance, with a fully bind free design.


    - All black nuts as standard.
- Perfectly balanced rear pod assembly.
- Ultra-low motor position.
- Full range of colour coded rear and side springs.
- Separate springs for independent roll and bump stiffness adjustment.
- Ball bearing front and rear axles.
- Adjustable toe-in/out.
- Chassis balance pivot holes. For use with U3582 Precision Balance Pivot Set. (Available Separately) To optimise left/right weight distribution.
- Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.
- Simple rear droop adjustment.
- Small Kimbrough servo saver with stiffener included as standard.
- High tensile steel hex screws used throughout.
- High quality easy to follow instruction manual.
- Range of World Championship Winning Contact RC foam tyres available.
- Accepts a huge range of industry standard body shells, motors, LiPo’s and speed controllers.
- Suitable for USA rules GT12 racing.






16 December 2022

We are pleased to introduce the awesome 1/10 4WD Competition Off Roader the CAT L1R.

The Schumacher CAT L1R brings all the latest developments from the Schumacher International Racing Team, to make another sensational 4WD buggy.  A buggy that can take you to the top of the podium. The L1R features improved suspension geometry, lighter weight, better durability, and a new JConcepts bodyshell.

In prototype form the CAT L1R has recently achieved some great results;

- BRCA 4WD National Champion 2022 -
- German 4WD National Champion 2022 -
- Florida Carpet Championship Winner 2022 -
- US Carpet Off Road Champion 2022 -


The L1 series of buggies have already won the EOS Series, British BRCA National Championship, and the USA ROAR Carpet Nationals. The L1R is an awesome looking buggy that is sure to be a winner on all types of track. 

Join the race winning team. #Schumacherfamily and drive a CAT L1R.

A Pure Beast.


New - Front hub carriers with screw on steering plates, allows adjustability to suit all track conditions.
New – Layshaft and slipper plates with M4 layshaft Nut. Lightweight, twin pad slipper clutch with Ultra Fine adjustment spring. The new drive interface for the plates and gears allows more true/concentric running and improves the efficiency. 
New – Rear suspension geometry for more stability and improved rear traction. This new geometry keeps the car flatter in the turn while maintaining its grip through the corner. 
New – Wider suspension mounts.
New - Rear hub carrier with larger outer hub bearings and multi positional camber settings. 10 camber link positions on one plate with shims to adjust the vertical height. 
New – Longer rear U/J steel driveshafts.
New – Rear camber strap.
New - Hard anodised -1.5mm width, 12mm wheel hex.
New – Suspension pivots inserts for more accuracy and durability. Steel top hat bushes for longer lasting pivots and a greater span for the bearing area of the effective hinge pin length.

New – JConcepts bodyshell design. Popular well known style which offers a great balance of steering and stability.


New – Shorter front U/J driveshafts. More forward drive and reactiveness.
New - Longer front diff outputs.
New – Stronger front upper transmission housings.
New – Updated front wishbones.
New – Steering ball cup and 5.5mm ballstuds.
New – Front inner 3.5mm hingepin with raised position. For more forward drive and agility.
New – Low CofG pinned and centre mounted motor mount. That allows full height shorty lipos to fit in the new forward mounting position. The Lipo position is 9mm further forwards than the previous model.
New - Hard anodised 2mm 7075-T6 alloy chassis. Pocketed for easy radio access with S2 removable trays. Sleak new shape to the rear of the light weight and flexible chassis which allows the car to transfer weight to the rear through corners without the chassis catching the track. 


New - Moulded composite side pods. Allowing the flex to remain with these soft high quality mouldings.
New – Easy access LiPo mounting with further forward positioning.
New - 3 piece top decks.
New – Longer rear shock shaft.
New – Rear 1.8mm Anti-roll bar to match the new geometry, included.
New – Gear diff pulley housing with thicker planetary gear shim for better durability.  Improved efficiency of the diff in the run.
New – Moulded shock pistons and bushes.
New - ‘S2’ shock brackets. To suit the new front and rear geometry's.


Not forgetting all the usual features that have made this buggy one of the best on the planet!

- Big bore shocks with big bore “CORE-RC” springs, titanium nitride shafts, twin o-ring sealing.
- Ball mounted two piece shockcap for easier building, maintenance, vented option and lighter weight.
- 1.4mm and 1.8 Front anti roll bars included.
- Front pivot strap inserts for front track width adjustment. And 8°, 10°, 12° front rake adjustment.
- Lightweight front shock tower cover to protect your car and the track from damage.
- Threaded spring collars for better location.
- Includes 31 super precision ball bearings.
- FAB (Front Adjustable Brake System) with new ‘S2’ friction pads.
- Lightened side transmission gears.
- Rear Ultra-Low wing mounts.


- Rear interchangeable toe inserts, includes 4, 3.5 ,3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 deg.
- Small, low rotating mass gear differentials.  With 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions. Shim designed to increase durabilty and race to race consistency. Solid cross-pin accommodates ‘2 planet gear’ assembly.
- Medium flex rear arms
- Shorty and saddle compatible.
- 5mm, durable polyurethane drivebelts.
- Cable management system.
- Alloy and carbon fibre floating servo mount.
- Multiple ackerman position alloy centre track rod. 







06 December 2022

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Schumacher's Michal Orlowski has completed his 3 week tour of the US, with a comprehensive double TQ and victory at the US Carpet Off Road Championships.

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Michal finished the trip with a super strong performance with his Cougar LD2 and prototype CAT buggies ahead of a extremely strong US field.

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Set up's coming soon.

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01 December 2022

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This past weekend was round two of the Worksop Masters series. Once again the team didn't disappoint and there was a fantastic track to greet us all Sunday morning.


The race format was round by round qualifying, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position.


In 4wd qualifying, it was Neil Cragg who took TQ and would therefore line up on pole. Tommy Hall would be 2nd and Ben Smith would line up in 3rd.


The A Final 4wd result was:


1 Jonathan Skidmore - Xray

2 Neil Cragg - AE

3 William Skidmore - Xray

4 Tommy Hall - AE

5 Jamie Hall - AE

6 Matthew Thompson - Schumacher

7 Edward Callan - Schumacher

8 William Goodwin - Schumacher

9 William Callan - Schumacher

10 Ben Smith - Schumacher


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In 2wd qualifying, Jonathan Skidmore would take TQ to line up on pole position, Tommy Hall would be 2nd on the grid and his brother Jamie Hall would line up 3rd.


The A Final 2wd result was:


1 Jonathan Skidmore - Xray

2 Jamie Hall - AE

3 Matthew Thompson - Schumacher

4 Tommy Hall - AE

5 Neil Cragg - AE

6 William Skidmore - Xray

7 Edward Callan - Schumacher

8 Zak Smith - Schumacher

9 Ben Smith - Schumacher

10 Ben Simpson - Yokomo


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A brilliant event as always and lots of fantastic racing.


Videos from both A finals are available to view here:


4wd A final:




2wd A final:



The full results and up to date championships can be viewed here: 


As always a huge thank you to the Worksop team for all of their hard work.


The third round of this series is on Sunday 15th January 2023, limited spaces are still available in both classes.


Here is a link to the online entry form: 


We hope to see you there.








21 November 2022

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Schumacher's Michal Orlowski has been crowned the overall Modified Champion at the Florida Carpet Championships 2022. Held at Beachline Raceway, Florida USA over the weekend, the indoor carpet event attracted a star line up of 1:10th Off Road drivers including many Europeans.

2WD qualifying would see a different driver top each of the three qualifiers, topping the final Q3 would be enough for Michal with his Cougar LD2 to secure P2 on the grid with reigning World Champion Spencer Rivkin putting his AE 3rd having topped Q2 and Dakotah Phend taking Q1 to top the timesheets overall with TLR.

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In 4WD, Phend was in dominant form taking all three heats. Behind, Rivkin secured second on the grid from the Schumacher's of Broc Champlin and Michal using prototype CAT 4WD's.

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In the 2WD A-Main, the Top 3 would finish as they started with Phend getting the job done in A2 with his second straight win.
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4WD however would see things go to A3. While Phend won A1 from Orlowski, it would be Champlin with the A2 win as Orlowski suffered a DNF and Phend finished third behind Schumacher's Daniel Kobbevik also running a prototype chassis. It now would be tough for Michal to make the top spot, however it was still all to play for in A3. It was Orlowski who came through from 4th on the grid for the leg win from Rivkin, Champlin and Phend.  Overall it was Michal 1st, Broc 2nd and Daniel a fine 5th, an awesome result.

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Taking the overall 4WD win from team-mate Broc Champlin with Phend completing the podium, combined with his second overall in 2WD it was Michal who was crowned the overall Modified Champion of the 2022 Florida Carpet Championships.

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Schumacher's Engineer Tris Neal picked up his transmitter for this one and made the stock A main in 4WD, a top result.
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Congratulation to the whole Schumacher team for some awesome results stateside.








11 November 2022

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This past weekend was round one of the Worksop Masters series, following on from the very successful recent EOS event at this venue, lots of people were excited to get back on track again.


The race format was round by round qualifying, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position.


The Worksop team as always provided a fantastic track layout for this event.


In 4wd qualifying, it was Ben Smith who took TQ and would therefore line up on pole. Tommy Hall would be 2nd and Neil Cragg would line up in 3rd.


The A Final 4wd result was:


1 Ben Smith - Schumacher

2 Neil Cragg - AE

3 Harley Eldridge - Xray

4 Matthew Thompson - Schumacher

5 Edward Callan - Schumacher

6 William Skidmore - Xray

7 Tommy Hall - AE

8 Jamie Hall - AE

9 Ben Simpson - Yokomo

10 Charlie Saunders - AE


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In 2wd qualifying, Tommy Hall would take TQ to line up on pole position, Neil Cragg would be 2nd on the grid and Jamie Hall lined up 3rd.


The A Final 2wd result was:


1 Tommy Hall - AE

2 Neil Cragg - AE

3 Jamie Hall - AE

4 Ben Smith - Schumacher

5 William Skidmore - Xray

6 Edward Callan - Schumacher

7 Eugene Galley - Schumacher

8 Matthew Thompson - Schumacher

9 Craig Mawson - Kyosho

10 Mitchell Fiddling - Schumacher


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A brilliant event as always and lots of fantastic racing.


The full results and up to date championships can be viewed here:


As always a huge thank you to the Worksop team for all of their hard work.


The second round of this series is on Sunday 27th November 2022, limited spaces are still available in both classes.

Here is a link to the online entry form:

We hope to see you there.




28 October 2022

Introducing the awesome new Re-Release from the Schumacher 'Classic' Range -

The Legendary ProCat !


The legendary Schumacher ProCat dominated 4WD off road racing in the early 90’s, winning multiple championships including the 1990 Euros with the late great Phil Davies.


Now you can relive the glory days with the ProCat Classic. It is an authentic re-release using much of the original tooling, but with a few subtle improvements such as fittings for modern lipo batteries.



The ProCat Classic will be a top contender at vintage RC races, or will make a fabulous addition to any collection, as one of the most iconic RC cars of all time.



● High quality GRP chassis.
● Efficient fibre reinforced drive belts.
● 14 ball, ball differential, invented by Cecil Schumacher in 1978.
● Unique alloy coil over oil filled laydown front shock absorbers.
● Front double wishbone suspension with massive travel.
● Huge steering lock to handle the tightest tracks.
● Front ‘O’ ring ‘crashback’ system to minimise front end crash damage.
● Tough polycarbonate bodyshell to keep out the dirt.
● Original Schumacher tyres.
● Accepts period NiMh batteries or modern shorty LiPos.
● Accepts brushed or brushless motors.
● Option parts available including a transmission upgrade #U7236 to handle modern high powered motors, and create a class leading buggy for vintage RC racing.

More information on the dedicated ProCat product page on our website.



12 October 2022

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Round 2 of the BRCA GT12 National series rolled down to the south coast of England, to the welcoming Eastbourne club.

It proved to be a strong performance from the Schumacher GT12 Team.

We started with a practice round and then on to 4 qualifying rounds.

After the four qualifiers we had the following grid lined up for the A final.

1 Andrew Murray - Atom 2
2 Daniel Robins - Atom 2
3 Stuart Rand - Destiny
4 Mark Jewitt - Destiny
5 Barry Lynch - Atom 2
6 Oscar Keen - Atom 2
7 Finley Whitelock - Atom 2
8 Joseph Moore - Atom 2
9 Matthew Gammons - Atom 2
10 Matt Hunter - Atom 2

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A Final
Andy also drove from line to line, followed by junior Dan, Barry was in third place for most of the race, but an unfortunate mistake left him in 6th, Joseph Moore took 5th, Oscar 7th, Matt Gammons 8th, Matt Hunter 9th and Finley Whitelock 10th.

1 Andrew Murray - Atom 2
2 Daniel Robins - Atom 2
3 Mark Jewitt - Zen
4 Stuart Rand - Zen
5 Joseph Moore - Atom 2
6 Barry Lynch - Atom 2
7 Oscar Keen - Atom 2
8 Matthew Gammons - Atom 2
9 Matt Hunter - Atom 2
10 Finley Whitelock - Atom 2

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Andy's set up sheet can be found here.

A great showing from the juniors of the Schumacher team, Finley making his first National A final, in his second season of GT12,
Dan took top junior, Oscar 2nd and Finley 3rd.
In the B final we had Ewan (B2), Sonny Beard (C10)

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The next round will move on to Tamworth on the 13th November. Booking in for all rounds available -


30 September 2022

The past weekend saw the running of the 3rd round of the South African National Championships hosted by Bushveld Model Racers.
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The hotly contested 2wd Stock class saw Quintin Baker put his LD2 in the TQ spot after 3 rounds of qualifying followed by another LD2 driven by Jean van Eeden in 2nd. Jan Venter with his LD2 was just beaten to 3rd preventing a Schumacher 1,2,3 in qualifying.

The Sunday Mains continued the good showing of the Schumacher cars with Quintin winning 2 out of the 3 main rounds to place 1st for the event followed by Jean in 2nd and Jan finishing up in 7th.

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4wd Modified saw Rikus Janse van Vuuren dominate in his L1 Evo. First time out in the Evo Rikus manged to TQ all 3 rounds of qualifying. His excellent form continued on Sunday needing only 2 of the 3 main rounds to secure the win. Rikus also showed good speed in the 2wd Modified class to finish in 2nd place.

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Image title
A big Thank you goes out to Gary and Michael Gibson from Grand Prix Models for their support.

Thanks to Jean van Eeden for the report.








28 September 2022

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Last weekend saw the finale of the BRCA national championship at the fabulous Halifax Track and it was an extremely competitive one for the On Road team.

With championships already decided for 13.5 and 17.5 motor classes, Modified was still open between Schumacher's Zak Smith and the hobbywing and Intellect powered car of Kyle Branson.  A win for Zak and would possibly secure the title with Kyle outside the top 2 and it would go right down to the last race!

-Following a struggle during the Saturday practice day, our modified championship protagonist came out the blocks fighting after some great teamwork overnight appeared to transform his car. His title rival Kyle took the TQ but Zak would line up P2, alongside him on the front row. Andy Murray placed his Mi8 in P3 after a strong run in the final qualifier. Jamie McDonagh and Jordan Norwood placed their Schumacher cars into the top 10, each for a third time this season to make it 4 Mi8’s in the Modified A final!

Image title
-In the stock 13.5T category, the championship was already settled, in Zak Finlay’s favor. This wouldn’t stop our guys battling it out for the round win in the final. Zak would take the top spot with James Hart lining up alongside him, after a round TQ in the final qualifier. Billy Fletcher and Mikey Mansell make it 3 cars in the A final, with Dani Young narrowly missing the top 10, in P11. A special mention goes to Gregg Allan for placing his Mi8 into the B final in P19.

Image title
-Stock 17.5T qualifying would see Darren Tickner the top spot but with strong qualifying from all of the Schumacher team, with 6 Cars lining up in positions 3,4,5,6,7 and 8! Special mentions in this class go to new team drivers Jamie Hall and Tom Foreman for joining the A final on their Schumacher team debut!


-Zak would win leg 1 after a great pass at turn 1, followed by a race long battle with Kyle, Andy and Harley. Leg’s 2 and 3 saw Kyle take p1 and with it the National title after a last leg decider, with Zak following him closely in both the final 2 races! Harley Eldridge completed the podium in p3. Jordan Norwood finished a brilliant P6 from the back of the grid!

-Stock 13.5 saw a clean sweep of wins for Zak Finlay, but he was pushed hard throughout by James finishing in P2 overall. Ricky Copsey finished P3 and stood back on the podium.
-In Stock 17.5, Alex Brocklebank moved up and onto the podium, tied on points with his team mate Andy Robson, in P4. Darren Tickner took a deserved win.

Image title
-Billy Fletcher took a clean sweep of round wins in 17.5t to become national champion on his first season with Schumacher! Alex Brocklebank, Chris Parrott and Andy Robson all finished the season with strong championship positions with P5, 6 and 7 respectively.

Image title
-In 13.5t James Hart solidified his P2 in the championship, with some crazy close racing with Zak.  Mickey Mansell and Jonathan Dronfield finishing in a fantastic P9 and P10 on their Schumacher TC team debut’s!

Image title
-P2 this weekend was enough for Zak to finish runner up in the modified national championship after a fantastic season, winning half the rounds he competed in! Schumacher Junior star Daniel Robins rounded out the season to finish a great P7, and Jordan Norwood and Jamie McDonagh, with strong final rounds elevating them to P9 and 10. Amazing results for both, well done!

Image title
Congratulations and thank you to the whole Schumacher Touring Car team for an amazing season all year long with many great results for us to be proud of!

Congratulations to all the national champions Billy, Zak and Kyle.

Bring on the winter where are top guys will be competing at big championships such at the MICC and EWS amoungst may other local series.

Halifax Set Up's can be found here.

Final congratulations go to the BRCA crew who stepped up the game year, challenging at times, but lots of effort looking like making some gains and good signs for the future of National touring cars in the UK.


23 September 2022

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The last week saw the IFMAR Worlds Championships in Gubbio Italy.

The week saw a successful set of results for our small team which included support from Andy Murray from the Schumacher factory.

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In the IFMAR Formula World Cup class it was Schumacher’s Andreas Stiebler that would take the victory with his Icon 2. Sadly he could only make legs 1 and 2 of the finals due to having to rush off to catch his flight back home due to the rescheduled finals. However he managed to do enough in these 2 legs to become the Champion.

Image title
Adreas's car was powered by a Hobbywing G3 21.5T Motor, Hobbywing Speed Control, Sunpadow LiPo and Highest Servo.

Image title
IFMAR Formula World Cup Winner 2022 for Andreas and the Icon 2.

Andreas' Set up sheet can be found here.

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In the premier Modified class Michal Orlowski, would lead the team with Mattia Collina and Pekko Iivonen would be looking for good results. Michal would qualify 10th in the A main and with 3 solid finals would claim 6th overall. Michal drove brilliant in all 3 legs and had some real good pace, a very good result with such talent on the drivers stand.

Image title
Michals Schumacher Mi8 was equipped with Hobbywing 4.5t G3 motor and XR10 Pro G2S ESC, Sunpadow 6500mAh HV Platin battery, PowerHD S15 servo and MR33 accessories.

Michal's Worlds set up can be seen here.

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Well done to the whole team out in Gubbio, Italy! A lot of hard work at these events and the team should be very proud with what you have achieved.

Thanks to Red RC and RC Racing TV for the images.


29 July 2022

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On the same day as the British team had strong performances at the BRCA National, Mattia Collina, Carlo Alberto Conti and Michal Orlowski would compete in the Italian AMSCI National with support from Andy Murray and Alessandro Giubbilei. The venue being Club 5 Colli Racetrack in Gubbio, host of the upcoming ISTC World championships.
The race took place after several days of testing and it would be Mattia Collina with an epic performance throughout that would take the pole position and victory after the 3 leg finals. Michal also showed very strong pace, but suffered some issues during the races and thus could not show his true potential this time out! Carlo qualified a strong 6th but also suffered some unfortunate luck during the finals.

Congratulations Mattia for this victory. Very impressive performance!










28 July 2022

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Big weekend in Barcelona, we did it again!!!!

As usual on SCHUMACHER GP SPAIN the most important is create good vibes with all RC fans!
On Saturday the track was open for free practice and our loved Schumacher Driver Mr. Javier Rojo did a spectacular PAELLA!! And the veteran Mr. Antonio Callejón did a special Drink loved for British people on our beaches (Sangria). Yes, for the next year if you are in Northampton thinking where we could go to race overseas?? Maybe SCHUMACHER GP Spain will give you the best food, drinks, atmosphere, and beach!! All in one!

On Sunday the performance of driver was as following:

On Touring Stock 13,5T
1.Carles Echarri
2.Ramon Guasch
3.Luis Crisenti (Schumacher Mi8)
4.David Baena
5.Ruben Sarabia (Schumacher Mi8)
6.Ivan Mir
7.Jose Corral
8.Lucas Marquez
9.Miguel Paredes
10.Jaume Pertegaz

The performance of Schumacher Team was so good fighting to be on the podium and also Mr. José Borja achieved the third position in his Final B wit Mi7 Schumacher.

Image title
On Fwd

1.Javier Rojo
2.Oriol Roig (Mi7 converted to Fwd).
3.Antonio Callejon

Image title
On Truck

1.Raul Galán
2.Antonio Puig
3.Oriol Puig

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Many Thanks to and the Schumacher GP Spain and we will back soon…

Schumacher Spanish Team




04 July 2022

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The BRCA 4WD Touring Car National Round 3 took place over the weekend and it was a strong performance from the team.

In the 17.5 class new recruit on the Mi8 Billy Fletcher took the TQ and a fine victory. Local legend Andy Robson was 2nd after some good finals, Alex Brocklebank, Chris Parrot and Ade Sully also made the main with the Mi8's making 5 cars in the A final.

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In 13.5 James Hart and Zak Finlay had some epic battles for TQ and the win. In the end Zak came out in front with James having an unlucky last leg of the finals to bump him down to 3rd. Mikey Mansell had a strong performance in 6th with Jonny Dronfield 7th and Dani Young 9th, so again 4 cars in the main.

In the fastest modified class Zak Smith came home 4th, Dan Robins 6th, Chris Ashton 7th and Jordan Norwood 8th. 4 more Mi8's in the main.

Congratulations to the winners and the team, the next round is at the fast Mendip track on 23-24th July.




28 June 2022

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The famous Belgium GP at Kampenhoute was this last weekend and it was a dominant performance for the Schumacher Team.

In the 2WD portion TQ and A final win went to Wesley van Helmond with his Cougar LD2, Jorn Neumann was second.

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In the 4WD event the roles were reversed with Jorn taking the TQ and win and Wesley second.

Image title
Jorn also took the Truck TQ and win with long time Schumacher driver JM Taijmans second.

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As usual with this race it was enjoyed by all !

A quick hop across the water for Jorn and Wesley to the European Championships starting the day after.




27 June 2022

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Schumacher's Broc Champlin has taken the ROAR 1:10th Carpet National Championship with the CAT L1 EVO.  The prestigous event held at Norwast Hobbies attracted all the best driver across the US to compete for this great title.

In the 4WD protion Broc took TQ in all 4 rounds of qualifying with his LRP powered CAT L1 EVO and then won the first 2 finals to wrap up a comfortable victory.  Broc's brother Blake also made the A main in 9th.



Broc also had some good success in the 2WD portion, taking 2nd overall behind Dekotah Phend with his Cougar LD2.

2 BROC CHAMPLIN – Schumacher Cougar LD2

Congratulations to Broc and Blake for some excellent results!




13 June 2022

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Round 3 of the BRCA 1/10th Off Road Nationals took place this weekend at Boughton Raceway.

Once again it was a very strong performance from the team. Michal Orlowski was across fighting it out at this event and he was able to qualify 2nd in 2WD and take victory in the 3 legged finals.

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The hot conditions meant quite low traction and all the team did well to dial their cars in.

Ben Smith once again showed great maturity and speed to claim 5th, Josh Holdsworth 6th, Phil Sleigh 9th and Joseph Howson 10th in 2WD.


1 - Michal Orlowski - Schumacher LD2
2 - Neil Cragg
3 - Tommy Hall
4 - Lee Martin
5 - Ben Smith - Schumacher LD2
6 - Josh Holdsworth - Schumacher LD2
7 - Jamie Hall
8 - Richard Barton
9 - Phil Sleigh - Schumacher LD2
10 - Joseph Howson - Schumacher LD2

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In 4WD Michal again qualified 2nd but this time behind Paul Crompton. Michal could not quite manage his feet from Saturday and Paul drove well to secure the first two leggs after a hard charging Michal made a couple of errors. Michal was able to finish 2nd overall with a win in the last leg.

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Once again the CAT L1 EVO was performing well with Ben Smith and Josh Holdsworth 5th and 6th again and Ben Pugh 8th.


1 - Paul Crompton
2 - Michal Orlowski - Schumacher L1 EVO
3 - Lee Martin
4 - Neil Cragg
5 - Ben Smith - Schumacher L1 EVO
6 - Josh Holdsworth - Schumacher L1 EVO
7 - Tommy Hall
8 - Ben Pugh - Schumacher L1 EVO
9 - Charlie Saunders
10 - Jamie Hall